Don't help the trolls

08.10.2014 Permalink

Here are my two cents about professionalized trolling on the internet.

I suspect some internet trolls recognized that there is an audience: trolls are servicing folks who are not only willing to accept harrassment and threat, but who enjoy to see the impacts of these unfair actions. For those, it's just a form of entertainment.

And the troll might think to himself: if there is an audience then there is a market. And something to earn. Mere attention, a feeling of power or perhaps even money. So, let's create a brand out of the little nasty me.

Thus, the troll seeks for victims to please the trolls miserable audience. Of course victims that are somehow well-known people. Otherwise, no one would care. And, in addition, the victim should belong to some group of which the troll can be safe that most people will stay silent when the violence happens against members of this group.

I think, the least thing that we non-trolls can do is to create a culture where the trolls can not be safe anymore that their actions have no unpleasant consequences for them.

I learned a lot by reading this NASCO document. I recommend it to any white man.

If you encounter some action in your environment that might worsen the situation for potentially discriminated people you have to speak up against it. If you keep silent it is implicit consent.

Which helps the trolls.